Long live YouTube

Wow, to think that YouTube is only five years old. I still remember the poorer times when we were deprived of the endless pop trivia material that YouTube now daily feeds us. Those were simpler times but they were also more lame. Long live YouTube.

So which viral videos or memes do I love? Here is my top 10 list:

10. Rejected – The Oscar winning short, that almost never was. “I am a banana!”

9. Between Two Ferns with CoCo – Interview technique perfected. Awkwardness galore.


8. Cullman liquidation – As tough as they come. Need a mobile home?

7. The Bush-Blair duet – Johan Söderberg is an editing genius. Here he makes a poignant yet funny political comment.

6. Christian Bale rant – True emotions at work. “God you’re amateur”

5. New Dork – A brilliant song remixed to hilariously comment on the startup scene

4. The Untergang videos – Hitler was never funnier (except for this). This is one we made for a Christmas party.

3. Hey Allan – Few things are as fun as combining human characteristics or words with animals

2. Dramatic Chipmunk – I could watch this on repeat for a days

1. Keyboard Cat – My absolute favorite. The poised cat, the  catchy beat and the endless varieties. A true classic.

More stuff at You should have seen this & You should have ALSO have seen this.

What is your favorite video?

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