My 10 all time favorite movie scenes

We all have favorite movie scenes that make us come back to a film over and over again. Here are mine.

1. The Fahrenheit 911 ending;

2. The ‘Integrity’ speech in Scent Of a Woman

3. The It’s up to you’ speech by Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison in Oliver Stone’s JFK

4. The Pythons sing their best song in the last scene of Life Of Brian

5. However much I loathe violence, we all love justice. In this scene from Evil (Ondskan) we get just that.

6. The Magnolia intro (and the outro for that matter). This is every film and editing buffs dream sequence, as it contains snappy cuts, graphics and condensed storytelling.

7. The ‘Beethoven and bliss’ scene in A Clockwork Orange for the use of classical music and clever editing. The clip starts at 3:14 and it features other clips from the film. (Sorry no embed, but it takes you right to clip)

8. The ‘To look life in the face’ ending in The Hours. A favorite book and film of mine.

9. The ‘I drink your milkshake’ scene out of many in Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Brilliant acting.

10. ‘Ben’s Hell in Leaving Las Vegas. One of the darkest films I know and this scene captures it well. The jump cut beginning is also a favorite.


The final scene in Planes, trains and automobiles. Yes, I know it might be a bit sappy but it gets me every time.,t=1,mt=video

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