The 10 best documentaries you can see for free online

Over the years I’ve gone from being a major film buff seeing everything that moved, to being much more selective. Right now I’m stuck on documentaries. Maybe it’s because I’m jaded from working in the business and not being able to watch fiction and thoroughly enjoy it or maybe there just isn’t any good material coming out. In any case, these are some of my favorite docs out there – fully enjoyable – for free. Life is good.

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

The Beyond Within – LSD

The Century of the Self

One day in September

The Fog of War

The Thin Blue Line

Roger & Me

Grizzly Man

Ken Burns – Jazz x 10

Triumph of the nerds

When you’re done with these – check out the 50 best documentaries – and see if you can find them on Google Video.

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