Turning the page

And so the year draws to an end. But an end is also the beginning of something new, providing a fresh start and a new perspective. For me it has always been about doing what I feel is right – right for me and right for something bigger than me. It’s as simple as this – if we strive to do what we are passionate about, the rest will follow.

I had some great years up north in Vaasa with my journalism studies, film and TV projects and exciting content development. At some point I however got the feeling that I needed a change of scenery and that this life is too short to spend on what ifs.

I have no idea about what I will be getting myself into but I’m sure I will not regret it for one single day. Life is a journey and you learn as you go.

My sincerest thank you to all my colleagues, friends, lovers and my family who have all always been there for me.


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