Anna ♥ Jonas – a timeline

Oh Anna, what a sad puppy I would be without you. A year has past since we married and what a grand year it has been. In my speech to you on our wedding day, I named three things that I value most in you – that you make me believe, that you broaden my horizon and that you make me want to be a better man each and every day.

As you sometimes say to me, love doesn’t grow out of big deeds but out of a collection of small actions. So I love that you made me dinner today. I love how you surprise me with ideas and words I didn’t know you had. I love that you like pineapple more than water melon because it tastes more. I love that you covered our floor with jigsaw puzzles. I love that you introduced me to shorts. I love that you read a book a week and don’t say anything although I only read web articles. I love that you would put our money on travelling even if  we were down to our last cent. I love that you understand that I’d put our last cent on a chair. I love that you moved in and rearranged my world.

But most of all I love that you bring out the best in me every day.

You are my voice of reason, the love of my life and my direction in my darkest hour.

Honey, wherever you’re going I’m going your way.





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