On the concentration of good stuff in the hands of the few

“The rich get richer faster than the poor get richer.  This is because returns to capital are greater than the growth of income.  So over time inequality increases.” – Thomas Piketty

The economist and author Piketty has outlined how wealth is concentrated to a few and it got me thinking about design about how much of the world’s design eventually ends up in the hands of very few. This isn’t something to lay sleepless over but it’s still a trend that been going on since the 1980s when antiques, design and art really became investments. And it has generated wealth much like any other well made investment.

Those who got to the market early and had the knowledge are the ones that today are in possession of the best stuff or cashed out after prices had soared. Some of the stuff will be inherited and passed down, some of it will be sold and some probably tossed away.

At the end of the circle of stuff it’s the one with the best stuff that wins.

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