7 brilliant online services you need in your life plus 3 you can do without

Every so often along comes a fresh app or utility so genius you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Here’s a selection of the best of best of 2016 so far. Get downloading.



What’s the most shameful track in your collection? A tune so embarrassing it would drag your family’s name in shame, were anyone to find out you listened to it. Introducing Snapster, the service that deletes all records of your online listening history, allowing you to indulge in guilty pleasures at your heart’s delight. Snapster – because nobody needs to know.

– www.snapster.com –





Did you know that gossiping is actually good for you, since it promotes cooperation and self-improvement? Well Yelper helps you post unverified rumours about people in your work community or acquaintances that you just perhaps met once and briefly know. Outcasting has never been easier. Yelper – Yelp Yourself!

– www.yelper.com –



With the abundance of online porn, traditional men’s magazines like Playboy have decided to scrap their centerfolds and instead focus on content that everyone pretended they bought the magazines for anyway. But not to worry, Tissuu brings you the best of Playboy, Penthouse and many other magazines from the early 1950s up until 1980 – and at only 9,90 $ a month. There’s even a feature to make the pages digitally crumpled and stuck together. Tissuu – No Cleanup Needed.

– www.tissuu.com – 




There are communities for virtually everything – bronies, emos and really pretty people. But where’s the online space for real satanists? Where can you post glossy filter-enhanced photos of your newly slaughtered goat or tipped over gravestones? Pintagram – that’s where! There are exactly 666 different filters to choose from – like the soon to become classic vintage-look LaVey and the multifaceted Order of Nine Angles. Pintagram – Discover and save creative ideas for worshiping, bloodplay, devil dress-ups and more.

– www.pintagram.com –




Foursquan connects you with other introverts around the world, allowing you to share the most deepest and darkest places you’d like to visit. Which will come in handy, if you ever decide to leave your mother’s basement. FourSquan – You Won’t Like Where This Will Take You

– www.foursquan.com –




VineBuzz is the hottest video content aggregator company on the block! They have looping clips of everything ranging from fighting kittens to teenagers doing all things YOLO. But here’s the thing – all loops are shot by people who have to have at least a .05% blood-alcohol level, taking the thing to a whole other level. VineBuzz – Where tipsy and loopy is the best combination.

– www.vinebuzz.com – 




You know how time just seems to fly when you’re gaming. Well Twitcher solves that for you by only allowing you to play for 140 seconds a game or re-playing sessions that others gamers played. No more wasting time on long sessions – the other gamers won’t even have time to insult your mother. Twitcher – Stop Procrastinating and Start Twitching.

– www.twitcher.com –





PandorBox stores all of your content for you in the cloud and registers which files you access over time. Based on your use pattern it will create a playlist and open up other files you uploaded – as well as files uploaded by other people, randomly! How cool is that! PandorBox- Once You Open It Up It Just Won’t Stop.

– www.pandorbox.com –


And these not so much…



– www.ebaypal.com –




– www.youhulu.com –




Screenshot 2016-03-24 19.48.45

– www.netflickr.com –

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