Heikintori – Second Hand Mecca

Heikintori is the oldest shopping mall in Finland, constructed in 1968 with plans by renowned architect #AarneErvi. When it opened it was marketed with the words
“A visit to #Heikintori is an experience. Make it an adventure and special event in one go”. The mall is far from its former self these days and completely unable to compete with the many shopping malls in the area.

As part of @espooesbo’s aim to be the most sustainable city in Europe by 2030, why not turn it into Finland’s first #secondhand shopping mall with other services based in sustainable practices modelled after Sweden’s @retuna_aterbruksgalleria.

It could house institutions like @fidaheikintori (already there), @kierratyskeskus, @pelastusarmeija, @sprkontti, #Emmaus, @emmysecondhand, @resqclub, @ikeasuomi and other great companies based in pre-ownership or salvaging.

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