Discovering Godfather locations in Sicily

Being in Sicily, one needs to see the locations where they shot parts of The Godfather.

GFI: We rented a car and drove up to Savoca to visit Bar Vitelli where Michael Corleone speaks with Apollonia’s father and the church where they were married. Unfortunately I couldn’t get in at Castello Degli Schiavi a few kilometers away but that’s the villa of Don Corleone where Apollonia is killed.

GFII: It was hard to find Don Ciccio’s villa and I had to trespass to get to it but it’s at Via Vecchia Pozzillo 57. Totally run down and deserted but it was definitely the spot where Don Viccio murders Vito Corleone’s mother and where Don C returns for revenge.

GFIII: When Kay visits Sicily she arrives at the Bagheria train station which was shot in at the beautiful Taormina railway station.

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