ASKO – the history of a legendary furniture company

ASKO The furniture company Asko hits 90 years this year. Over time they have developed into a moderate design store with practically the same furniture like everyone else. But there was a time when Asko stood for innovativity, style and in particular good design. In the 60's and 70's it was the largest manufacturer of … Continue reading ASKO – the history of a legendary furniture company

The Look-what-I-found-and-I-paid-virtually-nothing-for-it post

The Look-what-I-found-and-I- paid-virtually-nothing-for-it post First out: A table lamp from the 40's or 50's. Don't know who designed it or even where it is from. I removed the paint (it had been first painted in blue and then poorly in white) and the original black paint somehow remained. Had to repaint the cast iron foot … Continue reading The Look-what-I-found-and-I-paid-virtually-nothing-for-it post