Ego & Lindfors


In May of 1996, the ceramic company Arabia approached Stefan Lindfors with a proposition. Lindfors, then in his early thirties, had already shown himself to be a bold designer with an eye for what’s next. They wanted him to design a new set of cups. Cups for a new generation of coffee consumers.

Lindfors took on the challenge and the mouthwatering result was presented to the public in Frankfurt in 1998. The cups came in three sizes and they were to be called Ego. Beauty and functionality in one package. The small cups were for espresso, the middle for coffee and the large for latté. The cup together with its handle fit snuggly into the saucer and the saucer fit onto the next cup if stacked on top of each other. The different sized cups also fit onto each other. The series was completed with plates and bowls in the year 2000. The color of the series is white but as one can see in the pictures, the espresso cup was temporarily decorated with a bull’s head in black. Supposedly modelled after the designer. You can see where he came up with the name of the cups.

We drink our coffee with these cups. Not tea, not coco, just coffee. That’s what they are made for. Whenever we go abroad and need to bring presents from Finland, we bring these. We just love them. Let us congratulate Stefan on a work well done.

Arabia Ego cups are easily acquired via the web at Finnish Design Shop.

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