The Stockholm Furniture Fair

I'm at the Stockholm Furniture Fair representing Thinglink for the first time. I'm impressed by the international atmosphere and I've talked to people at publishing houses and brands that I didn't even know we're here. Hoping for some parties tonight though I'm truly beat. I've added some photos and Thinglinks from the fair:;0;0Continue reading The Stockholm Furniture Fair

Tag along and get creative

I'm coming up with different uses for the versatile Thinglink tagging tool. Here are some from the top of my head. Street photography Great for quickly catching the outfit of the day and the people in the image.;49150080334168795 Product manual Mark the steps you need to go through to make it work. Great for … Continue reading Tag along and get creative

Thinglink to Thinglink from Ulla-Maaria Engeström on Vimeo.I'm slow on updating the blog right now because most of my time goes into uploading photos and discussing design on Thinglink. Why don't you join as well.Thinglink is a way to share design collections and photos while making new friends and meeting the designers first hand.