What are the objects of your life?

If you were to select five objects that have affected you in some way during your lifetime, what would they be?
It could be a toy, car, household item, love letter or any object that has left a dent in your existence.

1. For me it would be my action figures acquired at age 8-12 which both got me in to collecting stuff but also coming up with incredible scenarios building stories together with actual sceneries around them.

2. My moped at 15 and later my motor cycle at 16 would take me anywhere I wanted to go. It gave me freedom to move around and even though they broke down once a week it was a milestone in personal liberty.

3. The vintage Eames rocking chair at 25. It was the first piece of expensive furniture I had ever bought and I’ve cherished it for it ever since. It stands as a symbol of many of the things I believe in and will last me through a lifetime.

4. A camera. In this case it doesn’t have to be a specific camera but anything you can record and alter your reality with. I didn’t have a camera of my own until I was 24 and had up until that point borrowed them from friends. It was and is about creating, taking something that’s nothing and shaping it into something.

5. My wedding ring at 29. I didn’t believe in marriage and had you asked me five years ago I would have told you many reasons why not. But I changed my mind for only one reason and my wedding ring is a symbol of that. We bought the rings in Las Vegas. It didn’t quite fit then and it is still to big. The memories it brings back is however reason enough not to exchange it for another one.

What are the objects of your life?

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