The bare essentials – on living small

Me and my wife live on about 43 sqm or 460 sqf so we have to make the most of it. When we moved to Helsinki in the autumn last year we knew we’d have only half of our original living space and so we could only bring less than half of our stuff. The space is a classic 1920’s building withhigh ceilings and large window sills so the starting point was great. We let the creativity flow but at the same time we got rid of a lot of clutter and made a buck selling off things. The fun was in designing how everything would work – how many glasses do we need, what kitchen arrangement would serve us best and how could we best store our clothes. Below you’ll find some of the results from those plans.

I tagged the images using Thinglink to make it easier for you to browse them.

The TV corner

I’ve made a few observations:

  • The smaller the apartment, the more you have to think about your options. You need to respect the building’s profile – we toned down our style and picked only our favorites.
  • You can do without physical media: There are no CDs at our place and only a few DVDs. We get all our music and most of our films streaming and boy is it handy.
  • You move between the kitchen, the sofa and the bed. Invest in these three things and you’ll make the most out of the apartment.
  • However large or small your cleaning cupboard is there will never be any order in it and there will always be too much stuff in it regardless if you started from a clean slate.

The sleeping quarters

Part of the kitchen

We truly love our small apartment and we made the best of it. The only thing missing is one final piece of art. We’re working on it.

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