The top 5 most overrated design objects

The top 5 most overrated design objects

This is my list of objects so overexposed that they no longer have any of their initial innovation or charm left. Don’t take it the wrong way – it’s all down to personal taste.

1. The Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe

Designed 1930 and copied to such extent I’m not even sure this is an image of an original.

2. The Savoy vase by Alvar Aalto

The vase can be found in virtually every Finnish home. I use my small white one as a tooth brush cup. They have made newer versions of it trying to squeeze all there is out of the design, even making napkin holders out of the shape.

3. The coffee table by Isamu Noguchi

A beautiful sculpture as well as a table but it is just way too much associated with the 50’s-60’s look. To make matters worse, many also buy copies in the process of building their lounge pad.

4. The Ball chair by Eero Aarnio

I like Aarnio’s design but he has copied himself many times over. The pop look of the chair has outgrown itself and now I see it mainly as a novelty piece. It has been extensively copied as well.

5. The Fun shell lamps by Verner Panton

Yep, copied is endless versions. I don’t know what it is but it just feels like there is too much lamp with all the shells – like you tried too hard to be innovative. Designed in 1964 it was a child of its time.

You might not agree with me – comment if you disagree.

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