Five IKEA items that will be sold at auctions in 2030

Five IKEA items that will be sold at auctions in 2030

I has been said that IKEA furniture will never see the inside of an auction house much less sell for any significant sums. I don’t believe that. The strength of IKEA is that they are willing to take risks with short series using new techniques and there will always be gems. Here is my list.

The Jonsberg floor vases by Hella Jongerius

They are well made, simple and designed by a steadily rising star in the design field. The production series are relatively small and over time a big part of them will be discarded making the existing ones more valuable. There is even four of them creating a need to get them all.

The Vilbert chair by Verner Panton

Created in 1993 it sold poorly and soon the chairs were soon taken off the shelves. This is in fact the second piece of IKEA furniture sold at an auction, the first being an mid 1950’s cupboard. Verner Panton is yet again gaining momentum and over time these will become even more rare because of the short production span.

The PS Ellan by Chris Martin

The chair is made out of plastic mixed with sawdust making it durable. It is a perfect mix of a new technique, simple design and an added feature (the rocking function). It is easy to furnish with and suits any occasion. At the auction there will be a bunch of them like in the picture and the buyers will be thrilled.

The PS IKEA Gullholmen by Maria Vinka

A rocking chair with a twist. These will all in a number of years have been tossed out, rained on or rocked to death by overenergetic kids. The rattan series is innovative and fun and will certainly become classic IKE. That goes for much of the PS series.

The PS Vågö / Vago by Thomas Sandell

Some would say that it is a copy of Ahti Kotikoskis chair for Asko but you can make up your up own mind. It is perfect for outdoor use and it is already sought after. It came in a variety of colours as well. Sandell has made some other nice pieces.

IKEA has overall during the last few years created new ways of thinking of design and sustainability after being criticized for it for so long. Let us hope they will keep on bringing in new designers with fresh ideas.

A few more: the hanging chair PS Svinga, the low rocking chair PS Vagga, the carpets Alvine Triangel and Stockholm, the Bench PS Ekhov, the table PS, the bench PS Bånk and the clock PS.

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