The dragons are slain

As virtually all corners of the world have been eternalized, I thought I might make a presentation of some of the places I’ve come across. I am endlessly fascinated by maps and what they represent. One has to admire the audacity of Google, Microsoft and the like of trying to catch a moment in time by driving around and snapping an endless amount of image data. We have certainly slain a lot of dragons.

This is my house

This is where I work

This is where I studied

This is where I fought

I also fought here (they didn’t bring the car over to the island)

Sveaborg/Suomenlinna – Helsingfors/Helsinki

I grew up here

I spent some hood time here as well

Crashed here for half a year

Filmed here during one hot summer

High school

Childhood summers

And if you missed it: The Google Street View guys

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