The daily observation – Newspaper subscriptions

The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat called me the other day and offered me the possibility to upgrade my weekend subscription to get the paper every day for the mere sum of five euro. I declined.

It must be mentioned that the paper is the largest in the Nordic countries and it offers a broad view on the world while adhering to true journalism with fresh perspectives. In other words, I adore it.

Going back two years I would have immediately said yes, but the tables have changed. I told the lady on the other end that I say no because of four reasons:

1. My daily schedule does not allow for a sit down with a newspaper neither in the morning nor in the evening.

2. When the paper reaches me at 5 AM they are already six hours late as I’ve read most of it and had time to analyze and make up my own mind.

3. It would be a waste of paper and I would have to carry the old papers back out at some point.

4. It would be a waste of the paper boy’s energy as I am the only subscriber in my particular house staircase (I sometimes feel sorry for the guy, taking the elevator up just to deliver it and then take it back down)

The sales lady was baffled and she could still not understand how I could pass on the five euro offer. Sorry to say but I wouldn’t even take it for free.

Make the iPad version already, start offering some added benefits and educate your journalists on what will be required of them. People will come… and they will pay.

Update: @vaillou of @hsfi informed me that the iPad version is on its way and will be released even before iPads reach stores in Finland. Beautiful!

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