Let it be their legacy

Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan Massery
Photo by Will Counts of the Arkansas Democrat

There’s been a debate about marriage equality in Finland this year. All Finnish citizens can make the parliament consider a bill by initiating one online and gathering 50 000 names within six months. The proposed gender neutral marriage bill allowing people of the same sex to legally marry each other gathered more than 150 000 names within a few days and a couple of weeks ago the bill came up for consideration.

Now I didn’t expect there to be reason in the debate as much of the argumentation is emotionally driven but I thought the discussion would be conducted above the belt. It turned out that even the old arguments “Well, soon we will allow people to marry animals won’t we” and “From a biological standpoint it is a man a woman who should be together”, would be used in the debate. The true finns and the christian democrats stood for most of this.

In the photo above we see Hazel Bryan Massery and Elizabeth Eckford in Arkansas in the 1950s. 15 year old Ms Massery opposed the integration in one of the schools in Little Rock and found it fitting to direct her rage at one of the students, Ms Eckford. Ms Massery did regret her feelings that day and later sought out Ms Eckford to apologize. But still, it is this image that we remember her for. It became her legacy.

To anyone opposing the gender neutral marriage bill, let it be your legacy.


A list of the members of parliament who voted no in 2014. The bill passed with the votes 105-92.

A list of members of parliament who voted to overturn the 2014 bill in 2017. The bill stands with the votes 120-48.

Eerola Juho ps Ei
Elo Simon ps Ei
Elomaa Ritva ps Ei
Essayah Sari kd Ei
Hakanen Pertti kesk Ei
Hakkarainen Teuvo ps Ei
Hautala Lasse kesk Ei
Hongisto Reijo ps Ei
Hoskonen Hannu kesk Ei
Huhtasaari Laura ps Ei
Immonen Olli ps Ei
Jalonen Ari ps Ei
Jarva Marisanna kesk Ei
Kalli Timo kesk Ei
Kankaanniemi Toimi ps Ei
Kivelä Kimmo ps Ei
Kiviranta Esko kesk Ei
Koski Susanna kok Ei
Kulmala Kari ps Ei
Kurvinen Antti kesk Ei
Laukkanen Antero kd Ei
Lindström Jari ps Ei
Lohi Markus kesk Ei
Louhelainen Anne ps Ei
Maijala Eeva-Maria kesk Ei
Mattila Pirkko ps Ei
Meri Leena ps Ei
Mäkelä Jani ps Ei
Mäkipää Lea ps Ei
Mölsä Martti ps Ei
Niikko Mika ps Ei
Pakkanen Markku kesk Tyhjää
Pekkarinen Mauri kesk Poissa
Pirttilahti Arto kesk Ei
Raatikainen Mika ps Ei
Risikko Paula kok Poissa
Ronkainen Jari ps Ei
Ruoho Veera ps Poissa
Rydman Wille kok Poissa
Räsänen Päivi kd Ei
Saarakkala Vesa-Matti ps Ei
Saarikko Annika kesk Poissa
Salonen Kristiina sd Poissa
Savio Sami ps Ei
Savola Mikko kesk Ei
Sipilä Juha kesk Poissa
Soini Timo ps Ei
Strand Joakim r Poissa
Talja Martti kesk Ei
Tanus Sari kd Ei
Terho Sampo ps Ei
Toivola Jani vihr Poissa
Torniainen Ari kesk Tyhjää
Tuppurainen Tytti sd Poissa
Turunen Kaj ps Ei
Tölli Tapani kesk Ei
Urpilainen Jutta sd Poissa
Wallin Harry sd Ei
Wallinheimo Sinuhe kok Poissa
Vanhanen Matti kesk Poissa
Vähämäki Ville ps Ei
Östman Peter kd Ei

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