I like when things end

Many enjoy watching sports but I really never cared much for it. I recently started thinking about it and it occurred to me that it must be because I like things that have an exact beginning and end. As in, if one of the teams wins the world championship  in any sport, then that team would be the winner for all eternity for that specific sport. You would be able to say – “Mexico won that sport in 1980, great game, I got it on video so I can watch it again”. I’m not kidding here.

I also like when I finally use the last of a half full jar of jam and get to throw it away. I sort of get a new start. A new perfect jar of jam.

It also dawned on the that this is the reason why I like design and films – both aim create entities that exist by themselves, never again recreated in the exact same shape or form. Once a movie or object has been made, it’s exactly that creation and no new edition of it 20 years later can change that.

It’s also the reason why I like that Simon and Garfunkel only made five albums together. There are like 80 songs and that’s it. Or that Terrence Malick only made six movies in his life as a director. It makes things very clear.

At work I often talk about framing things, putting a square around the thing you want to convey in order to make it quickly accessible and easy to understand. An interesting trigger, a message, and an action point. A clear beginning and end.

I like when things end.

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