TV formats in progress


Does you mother know? aka Busted aka People have a right to know

This format I came up with around 2009 when Facebook had changed their terms of use for the umpteenth time to the horror of people around the world. It got people thinking and talking about privacy in a way no one really had before.

The idea was that there’s all this available information about everyone floating around and you could pretty much create a comprehensive profile on someone just based on their online behaviour on various social networks. Now in Finland, we also have what is called a principle of openness. It basically gives everyone the right to check openly available information such as how much does your son-in-law make a year, what do the blueprints to your neighbour’s house look like and who’s is that car that’s blocking my driveway. Couple this with the data that a person is carrying with him in his cell phone and computer at any given time and you will know more about a person than he or she does.

The 26 minute game show would pit one unknowing contestant’s family or friends (who believe they know the person well) against a team of investigators, whose aim it would be to expose and find out everything about that person in a limited time. Whoever gets the most questions right about the contestant wins.

Online there would be a service or app, through which you would be able to find out everything that the web has on you – where you have gone, who you have been with and what online media is out there that you didn’t know about.

Then you get F-Secure to sponsor the show.


Designer dining

Designer Dining aka Delicious Design

I’m especially fond of design and the stories behind different iconic and less iconic objects. It’s seldom that you hear designers talk about their work and much about the thought process and ideas behind the work is often lost.

My idea is simple – you get a designer into a kitchen (might be their own) and have them use their own designs to cook with and serve on. The dining area would also be decorated with objects that the designer has created as well as things that have inspired him or her. This way you get them to naturally talk about how and why they made the things they turned out.

There is an interviewer conducting the casual interview and at the dining section other people from the designer’s inner sphere are invited to join the conversation.

Sponsored by various producers within interior design and dining.


To be continued…


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