Never Monday

Over the past ten years I’ve strived to mix my work and leisure time to such a degree that I wouldn’t ever notice that it’s Monday – the traditional day to loathe since it’s the beginning of the work week for most people. It’s silly really.

I’ve been blessed in that I’ve been able to work at places where I’m allowed a large degree of freedom, to come and go as I please as long as targets are met. I have kept the fine line between freedom and responsibility in balance while also keeping my sanity check.

I think that with the rise of freelancing (predicted to be 40% of the workforce in the US by 2020), gig-enabled work, a mobile work style and automation will make us take a new view on jobs and how we enjoy them.

Now I know that all jobs are not fun and games and neither have mine been but it’s my firm belief that we should enjoy work and the more we can do away with the barrier between pleasure and business the more we’ll feel free – paradoxically so.


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