Eino Mattila – Finest Finnish artisan

Eino Mattila (1912-1971) was a moldmaker for Riihimäen Lasi but is better known for his later woodwork by his own design.

On the side of his work at the glass factory, he worked with the designer Nanny Still on wooden household items using teak and rosewood with her design. In the late 1950s he started his own small wood shop in the basement of the house he had built in 1954 in the center of Riihimäki, close to the glass factory. 

He acquired the raw material from the manufacturer and importer Mahogany, which was located on Lauttasaari in Helsinki and is perhaps best known through its work with #TapioWirkkala at its subsidiary #SoinneKni.
Eino hand crafted bowls, plates, candelabras and many other items, which he himself sold to department stores Stockmann and Sokos in Helsinki and other parts of Finland. Unfortunately he was not able to pursue his newfound career as he fell ill in the late 1960s but his legacy remains. 

EinoMattila was born in Loppi to parents Anna-Liisa and Jalmari Mattila in 1912 and passed away in 1971 at the age of 58. His older brother Hugo Mattila was also a moldmaker at #RiihimäenLasi. Many of Einos objects are stamped with his name but not all. The stamp is lost.

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