Studio Pietinen Photography

Aarne Pietinen founded his photo studio in 1933 after having practiced the craft for over a decade and running many other kinds of businesses. (Sidenote – his father, the industrialist Matti Pietinen, was executed at the city jail in Viipuri during the Finnish civil war and can be seen in the infamous photo of the aftermath).

Aarne Pietinen became court supplier for many industries and supplied photos for ads, brochures and newspapers. Virtually everyone in the Pietinen family were photographers, including his wife Nancy Pietinen, and his sons Otso Pietinen and Matti Pietinen who would eventually take over the business.

They in turn specialized in design and architecture photography and Studio Pietinen / Pietinen Mainosvalokuvaamo grew into one of the largest studios in the Nordics, with locales on Lauttasaari in Helsinki and 34 people in its staff. Aarne Pietinen passed away in 1946 and the studio operated until 1976 when it was sold.

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