Viljo Revell

Viljo Revell

I’m back. After a pause of a year and a half. There just hasn’t been much time. Or maybe I’m lazy.

I thought I’d start again by showing my apartment a writing a few lines about the much forgotten architect Viljo Revell. He just happens to have drawn the house I’m living in as well.

He also drew the critized Sausage house and the acclaimed Glass Palace and the Palace Hotel.

The apartment

The view from the hall to the livingroom

The view from the livingroom to the hall

A section of the livingroom

Another section of the livingroom

A view of the kitchen from the livingroom
The bedroom is at the other end

A view of the kitchen from the bedroom

I live in Vaasa, where Mr Revell is born, and he also drew the town center called Rewell Center.

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