Wasalandia 1988-2015 – now abandoned

Wasalandia opened its doors in 1988 just outside of Vaasa in Finland and attracted close to 400.000 visitors in at its height. Recessions, less traffic from Sweden and competion from another  amusement park finally made it shut down in 2015. It featured rides such as Koskenlasku (Wasafalls), Merirosvolaiva (Pirat) and a carting track. There were miniscooters, a ferris wheel and the … Continue reading Wasalandia 1988-2015 – now abandoned

The Eames splint

After meeting in Michigan at the @cranbrook_art Academy of Arts in 1940, Charles and Ray #Eames moved to Los Angeles not knowing a soul besides one another and Charles reluctantly took a job as a carpenter and set designer at MGM Studios. Soon after America’s entrance into WWII in 1941, an old friend of Charles’s, … Continue reading The Eames splint

Elissa Aalto – The forgotten SOS Lapsikylä

Elissa Aalto (b. Elsa Kaisa Mäkiniemi) (1922-1994) graduated in architecture from the @aaltouniversity or Helsinki University of Technology as it was called in 1949, and the same year she joined the office of #AlvarAalto, whom she later married in 1952. At the time of their marriage Aalto was involved in the construction of the @saynatsalotownhall, … Continue reading Elissa Aalto – The forgotten SOS Lapsikylä

The Säynätsalo Town Hall

The Säynätsalo Town Hall is a multifunction building complex, consisting of two main buildings organised around a centralised courtyard designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto for the municipality of Säynätsalo. Aalto received the commission after a design contest in 1949, and the building was completed in 1951. It's now considered one of Aalto's most important … Continue reading The Säynätsalo Town Hall